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Dear Reader of our Book “Purpose”

In our book we invite you to a “wholly personal discovery journey to a life of purpose”.

And we tell you at the beginning of the book that we imagine ourselves as trainers and coaches

accompanying you on that road. But we make also clear that it is YOUR job to make the journey, not ours.

It needs active involvement on your side to discover and realize your vision and purpose in YOUR life.

What we can deliver are the road maps, the patterns for orientation, checklists for you to set up your

priorities and – what matters most: To develop a clear view about what are your STRENGTHS, your

TALENTS and the basics how to define what is really important. Download these forms and checklists

you can use to release the full potential of the book you start reading and working with. We wish you an

inspiring journey with lots of insights and an abundance of FLOW!!

Hendrik and Gerhard

Download the PDF here:

PURPOSE: Checklists-and-Forms

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